UPDATE: With respect to scheduling and social distancing guidelines, some UAT classes will return to live (in-person) instruction on Wednesday, October 28. As stated previously, a virtual component will remain for every class, regardless of modality. Most classes will have a reduced in-person capacity. As the 28th approaches, please check your UAT email and keep an eye out for Canvas announcements regarding your in-person attendance options and how to sign up.

All on-campus courses and course components, regardless of modality, will have a virtual option for the duration of the fall semester. If there is no reason for a course to take place in-person, we will not host it in person. Labs will remain open to allow for any hands-on components of courses to operate and will be facilitated by an in-person Lab Assistant. The Lab Assistants will work hand-in-hand with instructors on labs for specific courses. They will also be available for students on-campus who need help, whether it be with coursework, projects or assistance using the tech in any of the labs. Production Studio courses will also be available in-person during the fall semester.

If health officials deem it safe to return to an in-person format, other courses will return to campus. This will be determined on case-by-case basis for each individual course, with some courses potentially having components (such as labs, pitches, etc.) return in-person while other parts remain virtual. UAT’s virtual-friendly SyncFlex format allows for a course to be moved from virtual to in-person as soon as it’s deemed safe to do so. This means that during the semester, a virtual on-campus course could potentially return fully or partially to in-person at any time.

The decision to move a course or its components back to an in-person format will be based on the following criteria: 

  • Space availability
  • Course enrollment
  • Ability to safely social distance
  • Degree to which student outcomes will be positively impacted
For Production Studios, labs and any other courses that potentially return to an in-person format, certain measures will be put in place to ensure the safety of faculty and students. This includes limiting the number of students who can attend in-person. Each classroom on campus has been measured to calculate the number of people that can be in the room safely and socially distanced at all times. Based on the room’s capacity, courses being held in-person will offer a sign-up system for each session.

Students will know prior to the start of a class session whether or not they are able to attend in-person. Additionally, if a course does return to an in-person format, students can still choose to attend virtually for the remainder of the fall semester. 

All virtual components of courses will be facilitated through Microsoft Teams. Students who are enrolled in a course are automatically added to that course’s Teams channel. Courses still have scheduled days and times for when they will meet. During that time, students will receive an invitation to join the virtual session that their instructor is hosting live within Teams, just as they would go to class if on-campus. All virtual sessions are also recorded and stored in that course’s Teams channel for anyone to view for the remainder of the term.



All common spaces/rooms on the UAT campus have been reconfigured to accommodate social distancing. Their current capacities are as follows:

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 2.48.14 PM

social distancing 5