UAT COVID-19 Safety Policy

June 22, 2021 Update

Effective June 22, 2021, wearing a mask on UAT's campus is optional. Governor Ducey previously mandated that public schools, including Universities, cannot mandate masks. While we are a private University, we have decided to abide by this decree and lift the mask mandate as well. 


April 27th, 2021 Update

As we did for all of 2020, we will maintain a virtual option for all classes for the Summer 2021 term. There are already a handful of classes with an in-person option, labs are open, the support staff is onsite, and we are continuing to take steps to safely get the UAT campus closer and closer to normal.

At this time, we intend to fully return to a normal class schedule, with a full schedule of in-person classes for the upcoming Fall 2021 term.

Effective today, we are happy to welcome UAT alum to campus. As previously stated, all current active UAT students are welcome on campus to access resources, even if they do not reside in Founder's Hall. The campus is still closed to the general public, with the exception of per-scheduled tours. Touring students and families must abide by all COVID-19 safety protocols and must schedule their socially distanced tour using the link on and all UAT vendor and partner COVID safety precautions remain in place.


Effective June 18, 2020

The University of Advancing Technology is committed to taking a safe and measured approach to COVID-19 safety.  For the foreseeable future, UAT will host the majority of classes in a virtual environment.  UAT’s dorms, main building and food services remain open to students who currently reside in Founder’s Hall, select vendors necessary for University operations and the few employees cleared to work on campus. No other visitors or non-students are allowed on campus without prior approval from the University’s Organizational Development Department.

All persons on UAT’s property are required to wear a face covering that covers nose and mouth (ie: face shield or mask), pass through the East door in the south of the building to go through a temperature check and follow social distancing measures.  No unauthorized visitors or guests are permitted on UAT’s property. If a visitor or guest refuses to leave, police will be called for a trespassing violation.

Any violations to this policy are a violation of the Student and Employee Code of Conduct and may result in expulsion of students from the University or termination of employment for employees and or a termination of contract with vendors.

Face Coverings

UAT is requiring all students, faculty, staff and in person vendors to wear a face mask, face covering or face shield when on campus.  This includes; UAT dorms (when outside their bedroom), UAT’s main building and all outdoor spaces.

If an employee or student are alone in their dorm room, office or desk, or eating in the café or employee break room, face coverings may be removed, so long as the student/employee are at least 6 feet away from others.  When possible, students/employees should remain more than 6 feet away from each other when face coverings are not in use.

If a student, employee or vendor do not have a mask, a disposable mask will be provided.

Temperature Check

Any person who enters UAT’s main building will be required to walk through a temperature scanner.  This scanner tests a person’s surface body temperature.  As we are situated in Tempe, we are aware that a surface body temperature may read artificially high.  Therefore, the following procedures are in place:

  • If a person receives a red box (indicating a high body temperature), they will need to sit in the cool down room (the front conference room of the Portal) for approximately 10 minutes and recheck their temperature again.
  • If the person’s temperature is still high, they are required to leave UAT immediately and not return until they can produce a negative active COVID-19 test and have been fever free for 72 hours.
  • If the person is a student who lives in the dorms, they are to immediately report to an RA on duty to be moved to an isolated room away from others.
  • Any person who tests with a high temperature will be required to obtain an active COVID-19 test and remain isolated until a negative COVID-19 test is produced, and they are fever free for 72 hours.

Social Distancing

All people on UAT’s campus are required to social distance.  This means no one should be within 6 feet of another person at any time. The following measures are put in place to help everyone to social distance:

  • The Theater seats have been marked with sheets of paper to keep open seats a minimum of 6 feet away from one another.
  • Stickers have been placed on common area floors to demonstrate 6 feet of distance when waiting in lines.
  • Café tables and computer commons computers have been distanced a minimum of 6 feet so social distancing is available in these areas.
  • Classrooms have been locked to encourage students to work in open areas.
  • When on campus classes return, a maximum of 10 people will be allowed in classrooms at one time (the Theater will allow for a maximum of 25 people at one time), classes may be staggered and students may choose to continue to stay home and attend classes virtually.

COVID-19 Symptoms

There are many COVID-19 symptoms that vary person to person. The most common symptoms of COVID-19 may include any of the following:

  • Fever (≥100.4 F)
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Muscle aches
  • Unexplained loss of sense of smell and/or taste

This policy is consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which makes clear that face coverings, in addition to social distancing measures, are among the most effective strategies in limiting the spread of COVID-19.


Campus Advantage COVID19



The Campus Advantage team is closely monitoring this situation and will continue to provide updated information from the Centers for Disease Control, following the recommendations of local and national health professionals.

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